"Daring Boys to Become Men"

Pyles Camp is a "grassroots" organization built on the concept of people helping people. Our staff serve as role models to help shape the boys' lives to rise above their circumstances and be the best citizens they can be.

Each level at Pyles is like a rung on a ladder. A ladder of growth and learning. Our hope is that one never stops learning at Pyles Camp, no matter how far up the ladder one has climbed.

1st Year- Camper
Located in the beautiful Sequoia National Monument nestled among the Redwoods, Pyles Boys Camp offers everything a young man could want and more! Great activities– horseback riding, ROPES Course, archery, athletics, arts and crafts, a full nature and stargazing program and a fabulous 5 day wilderness tripin the Golden Trout Wilderness area. 

If you are selected to be among the fortunate ones who come to camp, you are in for a real treat. You will build your self confidence and leadership skills and strive to reach your potential through a great summer experience and Winter Outreach Program.

Winter Outreach Program
The goal of our extensive Winter Outreach Program is to support and encourage our boys to continue the positive behavioral changes they learned while in camp. The boys are invited to reunions, field trips and community meeting. We keep in touch through personal contacts (phone calls, emails, and letters) and our staff is always available to provide support and encouragement. A yearbook is sent to all campers reminding them not only of the fun they had in camp, the friends they made but also to help them remember the positive lessons they learned. We are always available to assist your family and your boys with issues that may arise in their lives at school or at home.

2nd Year- Lioneers
For boys returning for the second year, they will be in what we call the Lioneer program. It gives those selected boys who successfully completed the first year of Pyles Camp, a chance to build on the foundation set in place during their first year. The emphasis is on fun, leadership and teamwork, as well as other life skills. The boys spend a great deal of time in the Golden Trout Wilderness in an area known as Lion Meadows (hence the name Lioneers!). The boys are in for a treat for the eyes with breathtaking views, visits to beautiful mountain lakes and an opportunity to work and learn with their friends.

3rd Year- Voyagers
Our Voyager Program for boys who have completed the first and second years at camp, builds on the foundation from those previous summers. This program is the final year as a camper and is a stepping-stone to become part of the staff.We emphasize leadership skills, building a team with your fellow campers and staff, and work ethic. The experience gained and skills learned during this time at camp are invaluable in preparing for life as a young adult. The Voyager program opens many new doors within Pyles Camp.

4th Year- Camp "Workers"
Camp Workers are the next step within the R.M. Pyles Boys Camp program. The boys who have made it this far are the best of the best. Workers at Pyles Camp learn a positive and meaningful work ethic and are becoming role models for the younger campers. These young men are often experiencing their first paid internship at Pyles Camp. They will be able to develop themselves under supervision of senior staff.

Pyles Leadership Training (PLT’s)
When the workers reach the age of 18, Pyles Camp offers a Leadership Training Course for one session in the summer. This course has been developed by leaders within the Pyles Camp Family with over 50 years of leadership experience. The skills and techniques in this course are designed to prepare them to become Counselors at Pyles Camp. This course is also a valuable tool for those entering the workforce, as well as the final step to becoming a counselor and becoming eligible for the Pyles Camp Scholarship.

More than 90% of our counselors have come up through the Pyles Camp Program. They start as campers and work their way up. This gives us a unique group of young adults with many years of camp experiences in learning our program before they reach this point and as such understand the impact that our camp has on our boys. As counselors they are also eligible to participate in the Scholarship Program.

College Scholarships

In 1977 Pyles Camp Board of Directors saw the need to create a College Scholarship Program to assist the many deserving staff members who would not otherwise be able to attend Colleges, Universities and Technical Schools.   This unique program has helped over 170 staff members to date, with more than $459,000 in aid.  The Scholarship program is supported by donations and the Pyles Camp operational budget. The scholarships are awarded based on need, the amount of time the staff member worked at camp, and their grade point average.

“I learned that if I say I can do it, I can.....also to believe in myself and to never give up. Another lesson was to set my goals high. When I return to the city, I will use the things that I learned at Pyles Camp like respect, trust and friendship.”
— Garrich, Camper '11

Listed below are the participant goals for each level in our program:

Program Goals

Program goals for Campers (1st year)

  • Increased self-confidence
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Develop positive work habits
  • Have a great and safe experience, both physical and emotional
  • Increased socialization skills
  • Increased ability to achieve goals
  • Become success oriented
  • Introduction to positive conflict resolution
  • Introduction to leadership skills

Program goals for Lioneers (2nd year) and Voyagers (3rd year):
(in addition to those for campers)

  • Focus on being role models
  • Increase their leadership ability
  • Increase their personal initiative
  • Increase their positive work habits
  • Develop their decision making skills
  • Become future oriented
  • Experience a physically and emotionally challenging adventure
  • Increase positive conflict resolution skills

Program Goals for Workers: (in addition to those for Lioneers and Voyagers)

  • Increase awareness of being a role model
  • Develop positive work skills – their work habits are a reflection of self
  • Increase personal responsibility and ownership of actions and acceptance of consequences
  • Develop teamwork in a working environment
  • Increase development of conflict resolution and mediation skills
  • Make them aware of the big picture and awareness of how they fit into it
  • Internalize concept of fairness
  • Let them know they are valued
  • Receive patience from full-time staff

Program Goals for Counselors: (in addition to those for Workers)

  • Develop effective interpersonal and group facilitation skills
  • Increase awareness of group dynamics
  • Develop leadership ability
  • Proficiency in decision making ability
  • Increase in job knowledge, esp. First-aid, Environmental Education, etc.
  • Improve conflict resolution and mediation skills
  • Safety awareness
  • Develop interpersonal communication skills
  • Increase awareness of big picture by understanding of goals, values, philosophy of Pyles Camp
  • Understanding and awareness of liability issues concerning working with minors
  • Personal pride in their role at camp

Program Goals for Seasonal Supervisory Staff: (in addition to those for Counselors)

  • Develop supervision skills
  • Develop organization skills
  • Develop public speaking skills
  • Develop crisis management skills
  • Develop training and facilitation skills
  • Full awareness of the "big picture"
  • Full awareness of liability issues Advanced First Aid/EMT ability
  • Excellent conflict resolution and mediation skills
  • Develop working knowledge of operation and maintenance of physical camp