Pyles Hires 3 New Outreach Coordinators!

In an effort to reach more boys, more often, Pyles has recently hired 3 Outreach Coordinators. These 3 staff will be responsible for staying in touch with our boys and their families after completion of the first year camper program.

With a service area that stretches from Orange County to Tulare County and covers over 20,000 square miles, these 3 men will each be responsible for specific areas. Read below for a list of which areas each staff member is responsible.

We are very excited to introduce you to these 3 outstanding gentlemen:


Isaac “Rambo” Araujo, Outreach Coordinator (Ventura County, Santa Clarita & San Fernando Valleys ) 

“Rambo” was a camper in 2009, and has continued to work up with in the program as a Senior Counselor. He holds Pyles deeply in his heart as it is the foundation of who he is to this day. After his camp experience, Rambo began participating in an outdoor organization in high school, with association with the U.S. Forest Service, hoping to gain insight and knowledge with the community and nature. His experiences of becoming a positive role model and getting in touch with the environment has shaped his goals of becoming a forest ranger with hopes of educating the public of the untouched wilderness around them. 

Rambo currently lives in Oxnard attending CSU Channel Islands in the pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and Resource Management. His time at CSUCI has given opportunities to travel throughout numerous forests and national parks, including the Channel Islands, Sequoias, Kings Canyon, as well as Yosemite.


Vincente “Gazoo” Herrera, Outreach Coordinator (Kern County, Tulare County & Santa Maria)

"Gazoo" is a second generation alum and has been a part of Pyles Camp since he learned how to walk. He was raised on the ideals and beliefs that Pyles Camp is built on. Gazoo was a camper in 2004 and worked his way up through the program and made it to the position of Assistant Director (AD). From there he took some time away from Pyles to pursue his dream of Firefighting and worked a few seasons for the Kern County Fire Department as a Rio Bravo Hotshot in Lake Isabella, CA. He is also furthering his education at CSU San Marcos in pursuit of a Bachelors degree in Wildfire Science and Urban Interface. Gazoo thanks Pyles Camp for instilling values of integrity, respect and hard work, which he feels defines the type of person he has grown to be today.

Juan “Dolphin” Jimenez, Outreach Coordinator (LA & Orange Counties)

“Dolphin” was born in Mexico and raised in Boyle Heights by his grandparents. He was a camper in 1982 out of East LA, a worker in 1985. In 1986, he was trained to be a counselor for Pyles Camp and has since counseled over 50 groups. He has also worked as the Assistant Director for many sessions. The foundations of camp helped him to achieve his life goals and education, reaching heights he never dreamed imaginable. He attended four years of college, including business school. In 2001, Dolphin worked full-time for Pyles Camp as Program Director. In 2007, he worked for the Corrections Department in Utah for Decker Lake and Copper Hill Youth Facility. 

Dolphin is also a passionate coach for both amateur and professional boxers. He was crowned the Southern California Coach of the Year in 2018 and helped many boxers become National Champions. He is the Amateur Team Head Coach of one of the most prestigious gyms in the world, Freddie Roach’s Wild Card Boxing Club. He implements the teachings of Pyles Camp to shape his athletes to become great leaders.

His passion and love for Pyles Camp is second to none and has only grown since the first day he stepped into the camp as a 12 years old boy. The arms of the trees, the love of the water and the blanket of the sun offered him life and hope of a better future. One he wants to share with all of the boys of Pyles Camp.