Welcome to our new Program Director, "Ozomatli" Manuel Delgado

Ozomatli’s journey with Pyles Camp began in 1994; it was then, as a camper, that a seed of love and hope was planted. He was introduced to the idea of counseling. Pyles Camp was a rite of passage which introduced him to a community where he felt validated, heard, welcomed and cared for.

Ozomatli was reunited with Pyles Camp in 1999. From that moment on, Ozomatli has made it a purpose to stay involved through various roles such as Counselor, Voyager Director, Selector, Pyles Alumni Committee Member, and most recently, earned the opportunity to be Program Director. Ozomatli’s purpose is simple: utilize his educational, professional, and life experiences to help keep Mr. Pyles’ dream alive.

Ozomatli has a Masters of Science in Counseling-Marriage and Family Therapy and a Bachelors of Arts in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Bilingual Education, both from Cal State Long Beach.