Meet a Counselor: “Tabs”

Meet a Counselor: “Tabs”

I was in middle school when I first heard about Pyles. Actually two camps were offered to me in the seventh grade. I was given the choice on where to go. My mother told me I would thrive wherever I went. I had to choose between Camp Coca Cola in Wyoming for a month of my summer or Pyles Boys Camp for two weeks in the Sequoias. I chose Pyles solely because it was shorter in time.


As a young 11-year-old I thought I had the world all types of figured out, when in reality I had no perspective. At home I have a sister and two awesome parents, I lacked nothing in my life but the excitement camp could bring me as a kid. My parents raised me to be outgoing and adventurous, and so I was during my first year camp experience. By the end of being a first year camper I was awarded every badge possible, even the honor camper badge which has the highest value.

I had become part of a brotherhood that had my back, which I came to appreciate more and more each year of camp.

I went back as a Lioneer, then Voyager, then to be a worker, then specialist, then counselor and director. Pyles Boys Camp has offered me personal growth and development to which I took every opportunity to be a part of. Being a counselor and giving back to the camp that has helped shape who I am now is in my opinion the best part of my Pyles camp experience. I dedicate time out of every summer to make every camper that I come into contact with feel just as special as I did when I was 14.